Working with Broke Girls


Welcome to your next generation horse show experience. Broke Girls sees our exhibitors as invited guests to a party. As your hosts, it’s our job to revitalize your customer’s experience, refining the horse show’s structure, atmosphere and ultimately, its success.

So what’s different? From the outside, horse shows today look the same as they always have – trailers in the parking lot, and show management in an office. It’s time for a shake up! From the moment you step onto the show grounds at a Broke Girls event, you’ll instantly know you’re not at a typical horse show. With a reenergized, fresh approach to management, the first priority at each Broke Girls’ show is the customer. 

Combined, Michelle Forness and Dana Wetherell have more than 50 years of horse show experience – as champion exhibitors, show managers and every job in between. This firsthand knowledge propels Michelle and Dana to create events that provide first class customer service in a fun, friendly atmosphere. No exhibitor – no matter their placings – should leave a horse show feeling defeated. That’s our pledge.

Broke Girls provides complete show management services, including locating and hiring judges, supplying awards, and submitting all show results. 

We customize our services to meet the needs of each individual event.


Remember that awful feeling when you’ve walked into a bustling show office with a question, only to be brushed off or given the run-around? Broke Girls’ Show Secretary Dana Wetherell does too. That’s why she spends her time face-to-face with exhibitors, providing friendly support on Rule Book and Leveling questions, plus keeps the entry process running smoothly. Her friendly demeanor and approachability put even the brand-new exhibitor at ease. Dana also oversees the office staff and provides highly skilled and knowledgeable coworkers.



It takes patience, dedication and a finely-tuned sense of timing to keep an event running perfectly. Broke Girls Show Manager Michelle Forness is more than up to the challenge. You’ll quickly notice she wears many hats at a Broke Girls event: like running the arena gate, scheduling tractor drags, setting trail patterns, or handing out small fry prizes. Michelle is completely hands on – trust her dedication to make your show experience flawless.



Don't see a service you need?  Contact us and we'll make every effort to accommodate! 

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